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Welcome at the IFA-League!

The International Federations Association, also referred to by its acronym IFA, is a union of federations formed by supporters of the online soccer manager game Hattrick.org. Currently, fifty Hattrick federations are members.

IFA runs the two main friendly cups in Hattrick (known as IFA-League):

The IFA Champions League is the most prestigious friendly cup in Hattrick. Hattrick's strongest federations provide up to four teams each for the competition. The tournament consists of several stages. It begins in Week 8 with a qualifying round. The 16 surviving teams join 16 seeded teams in the group stage, in which there are eight groups of four teams each. The eight group winners and eight runners-up enter the final knockout phase, which culminates with the final match in Week 15. Current champion of the competition is German club Munich Red Devils (HT-MOB).

The IFA Europa League is the second most prestigious friendly cup in Hattrick after the IFA Champions League. All IFA member federations provide up to five teams each for the competition. The tournament consists of one qualifying round held in Week 8, followed by a series of knockout rounds, which culminate with the final match in Week 15. The 16 losers in the qualifying round of the Champions League enter Europa League at the first round proper. Current champion of the competition is German club GW Ferdinandshof (St.Pauli).

If your federation isn't a member of the IFA yet, don't hesitate to register. The rules contain the criteria for a sign up.

We wish much fun and exciting matches to all participants...



Skipping season

Due to organizational reasons, the upcoming IFA-League season (Hattrick Season 59) must be skipped. The IFA organisation crew will be completely renewed to continue the prestigious IFA-League in HT-Season 60. Please contact "ifaleague@gmx.de" or got to the official Hattrick-Forum to get more details -> HT-Forum


And the winners are...

Rushed through the group stage without dropping a point, beaten three of IFA's top 7 teams in the knockout stage, won the title for the third time and reached the top of the 5-year-team standings winning the most points of the season. Clearly, the measure of all things currently in the IFA: the FC Jungstadt
. Congratulations!

The Europa League has been shown once again this season by their surprising side. Many supposed favorites had quickly bow out. Instead, a newcomer has fought from the depths of the qualification to the finals and there masterfully captured the title. Backed by a very strong playing federation, we hopefully will hear a lot of this team in the future: Congratulations, Elektrik Schluckerzecken!

As the only federation in this season, Innovation managed to reach a double-digit scoring and pushed to seventh place in the 5-year rankings. In the next season there are two additional places available for them. We'll see if the current level can be maintained on a more widely basis.


IFA Champions League group stage draw

At the end of the qualifying matches, following teams have made it to IFA Champions League group stage:

    Pot 1
    1.FC SuperLusche (H.T.A.F.)
    FC Jungstadt (HFGC)
    flexo39 (SHTF)
    Opfikoner SV (H.T.A.F.)
    Rut-Wie? Schw?bisch K?lle (PFV)
    Spvg Porz (PFV)
    TuS Katzenelnbogen (05er)

    Pot 2
    B?rdepower Schwefe (Inno)
    Deportivo du Hurepoix (PSG)
    FC Vit?ria Porto (ALLF)
    Ganjafarmers (ALLF)
    Pit's Friends (SHTF)
    PSG93310 (PSG)
    Vizard (FACM)
    Waltruppe (1860)

    Pot 3
    Cirque de Mafate F.C (FHF-NJ)
    De Blockers (DFC)
    FC Frauenfeld Haudrb?seler (SIAM)
    FC Leonberg (No9)
    FC Stona Heads (FfM)
    lichtaust?rzu (05er)
    SV Lokiberg 06 (MauT)
    Vorw?rts Wacker Gravenbruch (No9)

    Pot 4
    Everton ZH (Latehome)
    FC Ryuusei (PSG)
    Habicht Smuts (FfM)
    Hellas Colonia (BYF)
    Hellfighters (SIAM)
    Osimana calcio (FACM)
    TSV Breiholz (St. Pauli)

The result of the draw and the schedule of the group stage can soon be found here.

Good luck to everyone!


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IFA Champions League - Winner of the last season

1.place: TSV Betzingen (FfA)
2.place: Zephyrius (FHF-nj)
3.place: Vizard (FACM)
F.F. Marbach (SHTF)

IFA Europa League - Winner of the last season

1.place: Union Tunnel (DS-F)
2.place: BSC Tsri (FWS)
3.place: The Dark Magicians (YBF)
PSG93310 (PSG)