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At the IFA-League many players from different regions come together. To make sure that the competitions can be played properly, these rules were created. Please look at these rules at least once before every season if something changed.

§1 - Federations

  1. A federation must have at least 10 members at the time of registration.

  2. Each federation provides a contact person, who nominates the federation's teams participating in IFA-League and who takes care that the participants arrange their matches timely.

§2 - Participants

  1. The field of participants contains a total of 16 positions in the Champions League group phase, 32 positions in the Champions League qualifying and up to 224 positions in the Europa League qualifying.

  2. The number of a federation's starting positions in the IFA competitions is determined by the Federation ranking. The allocation of teams to the available positions is the task of the respective federation.

  3. At the time of registration, a participant has to be member of the federation for which he is starting. It is possible for each federation to nominate one participant who is not a Hattrick supporter. Only one team per participant is allowed. This may be his "second team".

  4. The participants of each federation have to be nominated until Thursday 8:00 in HT-Week 7. At that time not used starting positions forfeit.

§3 - Matches

  1. Each participant who has not been challenged by his opponent has to challenge him until Saturday 18:00 . If the challenge has not been accepted until Monday 18:00 or your opponent has arranged an external match already, please inform manager Libertaer, TeamID 336938 , with a short HT-mail in German or English.
  2. As soon as the walk-over has been recorded in the official schedule at ifa-league.de, both teams are free to arrange matches on their own. Each not according to this rule arranged match (cup or friendly) results in a two points penalty.

  3. All matches except for the group stage of Champions League must be played with cup rules. If a knockout match ends draw, a coin toss will decide this match.
  4. In the group phase of Champions League, the result after 90 minutes counts. Thus, the group matches may be played with or without cup rules.

  1. Rules for choosing the stadium :

    IFA Champions League
    IFA Europa League
    titleholder's stadium
    titleholder's stadium
    neutral ground
    neutral ground
    neutral ground
    neutral ground
    Round of 16
    Group winner
    neutral ground
    3rd matchday
    neutral ground
    2nd matchday
    Home Advantage
    1st matchday
    Home Advantage
    neutral ground
    neutral ground
    Round of 32
    neutral ground
    Round of 64
    neutral ground
    Round of 128
    neutral ground


    Neutral ground means: a stadium outside both teams' home regions. Neutral international matches are played in a neutral country.


    If you have not been challenge according to the above guidelines, please refer your opponent to the rules, challenge him again and inform me about it.


    Against an accepted challenge, no appeal is possible.

§4 - IFA Champions League

  1. If not all starting positions in Champions League group phase and Champions League qualifying have been used after the end of the registration period, a corresponding number of wildcards will be assigned to the following federations:

    • for CL group phase to one participant in the CL qualifying of the federations ranked #11 and the following ones.
    • for CL qualifying to one participant in the EL of the federations ranked #26 and the following ones, after that to one participant in the EL of the federations ranked #15 and the following ones.

    The determination of the wildcard recipient is task of the respective federation.

  2. Ranking in Champions League groups is determined as follows:

    1. Total
    2. Goal difference
    3. Amount of goals
    4. Direct comparison
    5. Lottery drawing

§5 - Federation ranking

  1. For all matches in IFA Champions League and IFA Europa League including the qualifier matches points are distributed as follows: :


IFA Champions League IFA Europa League
win draw lose bonus win lose bonus
Final 2 - - 1 2 - 1
Semi-finals 2 - - 1 2 - 1
Quarter-finals 2 - - 1 2 - 1
Round of 16 2 - - 5 2 - 2
Round of 32 - - - - 2 - -
Round of 64 - - - - 2 - -
Round of 128 - - - - 2 - 1
Group stage 2 1 - 4 - - -
Qualifying 1 - 0,5 - 1 0,5 -


Bonus points are distributed, when the team has reached the corresponding round.


According to ? 3 penalty points can be awarded for not accepting challenges or unauthorized arranging matches. The opposing team will receive points for a win.

  1. The points of all clubs will be added together and divided by the number of available starting positions of the Federation. The result is always rounded to the third decimal place.

    These coefficients are calculated over five seasons. Each year, the oldest ranking falls from the standings and will be replaced by the current.

    Using this "5-year ranking", the number of starting positions of a federation in the next season will be determined.