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The Champions-League qualification starts after the 7th HT matchday.

Rut-Wie Schwbisch Klle (PFV) - Garabagh (AGMF) 3:0WO
F.F. Marbach (SHTF) - Roter Stern Gifhorn (TsF) 4:1526551672
TSV Lattenkracher (PFV) - rostomat vibration (+krank+) 7:0526562121
FC Jackoty (FfA) - 1.FC Mammutring (SIAM) 0:3526563262
FC Starlet 2004 (Latehome) - TuS Victory (H-T-D-C-F) 0:5526563248
FC BugaTor (MauT) - 1. VSC Ludwigvorstadt (HT-MOB) 2:1526556356
Drnkruter Lwen (1860) - Hettlage United (FBO) 2:0526571589
UNITED BETA HERAKLES (YBF) - Olympique Sierre F.C. (No9) 0:3526569932
Astra Liekedeeler 07 (St. Pauli) - Heimagjrdir r Funningsfiri (OV) 3:0526554114
Berliner Eisenfe (Latehome) - SV Haschheim (HT-MOB) 2:1 AET526588497
BSV Sinthern (FfA) - N3RDS United (DACH) 3:0WO
Smrrebrd Smrrebrd Rmpmpmpm (Inno) - B52 SHOOTERS ($04) 3:0WO
Virgin Territory (H-T-D-C-F) - pen castel (FHF-NJ) 2:3526584672
FC Hackedicht (DS-F) - Wetzikon S.C. (FCZF) 5:1526560043
FC Knigsblaue Knappen (FBO) - FC-CASTELLA (FHF-NJ) 2:3526597803
Die Kinder vom Dorf (FdHa) - Euro-Fighters (FWS) 11:0526561527

All matches have to be played on a neutral ground!

Reminder: The losers of the qualification matches will automatically participate in the first round of the Europa-League.

Bye = Team proceeds to the next round
WO = This match failed
AET = after extra-time
PSO = penalty shoot-out
CT = Decided by coin-toss